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CIBOR of New Hampshire
Certified Manager of Community Associations
Certified Commercial Investment Member
International Council of Shopping Centers

Consulting Services

Construction Administration Services for
Commercial and Residential Properties

The MEG Companies has established and implemented Construction Administration Procedures for many northern New England financial institutions, investors and individuals. These uniform procedures ensure that a construction/development loan is properly evaluated prior to approval and thoroughly monitored during construction to meet the lending guidelines of each institution in compliance with state laws.

Real Estate Opinion of Value for
Commercial and Residential Properties

MEG identifies recent comparable sales/leases and develops an income approach to value that illustrates the property’s current and potential performance. This provides a quick understanding of an asset’s value when considering a new loan, a renewal or when a periodic update is required. It is a fast and cost-effective alternative for financial institutions, mortgage companies and credit unions.

Financial Services

MEG is ready to step into the role of Chief Financial Officer for any business, as well as to take over the daily bookkeeping/accounting functions. This includes Loan Placement, Budget Preparation and many other accounting-related functions.

General Business Consulting

The diverse education, experience and backgrounds of MEG Associates can provide companies with a team of professionals to address numerous business issues on an as needed basis. From former CFO’s, bankers and attorneys to retail specialists, MEG can provide solutions to business to assist in their success.

Tax Abatement

An asset’s income and correlated value are subject to extensive fluctuations, often not reflected in the current assessment. Additionally, the proper assessed value can change relative to the income fluctuations of competing properties. The MEG Companies seeks tax abatements for investors by illustrating assessment inequities through the investigation of the asset and public records.

The MEG Companies
Business Consulting
Services Include:

• Construction Administration Services

• Real Estate Opinion of Value

• Financial Services

• General Business Consulting

• Tax Abatement

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